“La Preponderancia de lo Pequeño”
(The Preponderance of the Small).

El museo Gallery

The preponderance of the small is a work about the subtle, about the invisible elements, about the extraordinary beings of nature that share our environment and little we consider fundamental for the survival of humanity.

About the work

Sketch of installation El Museo Gallery

"The Preponderance of Small" is a multimedia installation made up of three-dimensional pieces, videos and sounds.

An immersive multimedia experience.

Sculptural elements made in polychrome bronze representing birds of the native Colombian fauna share space with a series of videos accompanied by a soundtrack specially created by the Chilean musician Kito Satori, who composed a piece based on Colombian birdsongs mixed with acoustic elements especially for this work.

The preponderance of the small draws the attention to those prodigious beings that we little consider, that we do not pay attention to and that are in their humble physical dimension fundamental to the survival and stability of the cosmos.

The work has a strong symbolic character. Beyond the careful representation of birds and botanical species, the experience is a call to question the OTHER, to generate awareness about the need for empathy, solidarity, justice, kindness and love in a path of social change.

Images from the inauguration

Visita guiada Galeria El Museo. Septiembre 2020


La verdad del mestizaje, Ana María Escallón. Las dos Orillas

Nadín Ospina presenta “La preponderancia de lo pequeño”, una experiencia sensorial, Carlos Brand. Radio Nacional de Colombia









The preponderance of the small. El Museo Gallery. 2022