The small silhouettes and shapes made by Germán Nadín Ospina pay tribute to the collage technique. However, the direct placement of these pieces on the surface of the wall, with no limits other than the wall itself, extends the perception of space to appropriate the third dimension. These pieces are multiple points of view in the space that turn it into a dynamic presence. Transcending the two dimensions of collage, Ospina’s pieces assume the character of an installation.

What is established between his reduced compositions and the total dimension of the wall is a kind of amusing communication between the improbable and the real, between contrasting proportions and chromatic values. It is the presence of a candid and playful spirit that is not without an inner poetry, of secret references such as those found in the series “Los juegos en el campanario” (The games of the bell tower): the geometry of medieval gothic painting, mystical verticality, blue, Giotto.


Biographical data:

Bogotá 1960

1979-1982 Studies of Fine Arts at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá.


1981 I Arturo Rabinovich Salon, Museum of Modern Art, Medellin.

1982 VIII Athens Salon, Museum of Modern Art, Bogota.

1983 I Visual Arts Salon “Cúcuta 250 Years”, Cúcuta.

1984 “Convergences and Divergences” Luis Angel Arango Library, Bogota.

“Games in the Bell Tower” University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá.

Rabinovich, Museum of Modern Art, Medellin. Lives and works in Bogotá.